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Citation From the August 11, 2021, edition of Hancock County Indiana Patriots' Facebook live video

HANCOCK COUNTY INDIANA PATRIOTS FOUNDER: Anyways, I just wanted to give you guys an update. My last 72 hours has been pretty crazy to say the least. And the reason is, as most of you know, Dr. Daniel Stock and his viral video. On Friday, August 7, Dr. Stock spoke before the Mount Vernon school board. They had an emergency meeting because they were looking to adjust their COVID-19 response. I think like 70 kids, or something like that, were contact traced and sent home. And so, the Mount Vernon school corporation decided to do an emergency school board meeting. Well, Dr. Stock graciously showed up, even though it was like 4:30 on a Friday, and about 20 other parents, and if my numbers are correct about 9 of them spoke. But anyways, he spoke and did a fantastic job, and the Mount Vernon school board posted it on their YouTube page. Well, Saturday, after I got home from work, I decided to film that portion, that 6 minute portion of Dr. Stock's video and posted it on our Hancock County Indiana Patriots page and let's just say this, it has gone absolutely viral. It's been seen by billions -- not my video specifically. It's like 100,000, but many other people went and just recorded that video and shared it all over. So it's been really cool to see it spread.