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Citation From the August 3, 2021, edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Sean Hannity Show

HANNITY: Barb is in Florida. Barb, you're on with Dr. Brian Tyson and Dr. George Fareed. 

CALLER: Hi, Sean. Thanks for having me on. Both -- I have a special needs son with a neurological disorder. Both of us have had adverse reactions to the flu shot. He's had adverse reactions to most of his childhood vaccines, which his seizures started after his 18-month shot. All right. 

Our primary care, it's like it's up to us. But with all the adverse reactions, I am concerned with his seizures, with this mRNA vaccine, and also the shaming that's going along with this, it has been very hard. I'm his legal guardian, and I don't know what to do. So, I mean, no one can answer. 

DR. BRIAN TYSON: Yeah, let me take this one. I also have a special needs child, so I hear what you're saying, and I -- we will not be vaccinating my kid either. But I will say prophylaxis will be the best bet for you at this point. 

In prophylaxis -- how old is he or she?

CALLER: He's 23.

TYSON: Yeah. So 23. I would use ivermectin for prophylaxis according to the math plus protocol from the FLCC guidelines. 

CALLER: OK, can I -- can I -- I want to write that down. The FLCC guidelines. 

TYSON: That’s Dr. [Pierre] Kory's group. It's the math plus protocol for ivermectin prophylaxis. 

CALLER: And we’re not -- and we're not so sure he didn't have it last year in February, very end of February, beginning of March, he ended up in the hospital. He's had aspiration pneumonia several times. 


CALLER: And we do have a [UNINTELLIGIBLE] for him that we are now giving to him every day. 

TYSON: So you can check -- you could check a T cell test. There's an online test you order and you take it to labcorps. It's called “t-detect” dot com. To order that test, t-detect, t detect dotcom. You order that test from them, they'll send it to you. And that test for T cells that your long term immunity. That’s not like the antibody test that goes away in, you know, two to three months after exposure. The T cell test is lifelong and that's what Dr. Fareed was alluding to, with lifelong immunity after being infected with COVID. So that goes along with the Israeli study as well, that’s showing those who have had COVID are not getting reinfected. 

CALLER: Well, I appreciate it, that’s -- because that's even though I live in Florida, in their 2021 bill that says no passports, there is a section that says they can mandate vaccines, and it's scaring the heck out of me. 

TYSON: Yeah. So anyone with -- with -- with adverse reactions to vaccines should automatically be taken out of that anyway, no matter what. There's a medical precedent that says if you have a reaction to vaccines to begin with, and -- you should not be then mandated to get any vaccines at that point, other than that, whatever your doctor determines safe for your child,

HANNITY: I hope that helps, Barb. All right. So we're going to continue, specifically with -- now everyone's heard everything they want to hear, probably, about the vaccines over and over again, now with breakthrough cases, and those that decided, for whatever reason, in consultation with their doctors to go unvaccinated. What if you -- what if you get COVID now? What if you get the Delta variant? What are the therapeutics? More with Dr. Brian Tyson. Dr. George Fareed. 

We’ll do it for the full hour, so it's informational for you so you can make your own decisions in consultation with your own doctors. But information, I'm shocked how many people don't even know what regeneron is. I'm shocked -- or haven't heard of ivermectin. That shocks me. But, you know, that's why I spend a lot of time helping people when I hear -- I hear about cases.