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Citation From the August 3, 2021, edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): News roundup, information overload hour, a few more questions that we have for Dr. Brian Tyson, Dr. George Fareed, about breakthrough cases of of COVID-19, even in fully vaccinated people and -- and those that that still contract COVID, maybe not vaccinated. 

You know, what are the therapeutics? I think there's been far too little discussion on all of this. As we continue with them, can I ask you both that question? I'm not a doctor. I didn't go to Harvard, Dr. Fareed. I didn't go to medical school, do a residency or internship. Dr. Tyson, I'm trying to -- I love my audience and I want to give them the best information I can, which is why I invite experts like you on and even people, doctors that I don't agree with. 

But I've been pressured again and again to tell people what to do, and I refuse to do that. Am I right, or am I wrong, or -- 

DR. BRIAN TYSON: You're right, Sean. Let me let me give you -- there’s the American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons, published a home care COVID kit that your audience can go to AAPS.org, download that home COVID treatment kit, and it tells them everything that they're going to need to talk to their doctor about. 

I think it's one of the biggest things that our group with George and Peter McCullough and Harvey and everybody in our COVID-19 task force has put together, that is a huge benefit to the public. If we can get that out and then they can bring that to their doctors and they can talk to them about early treatment, tarly treatment is not just hydroxychloroquine. Early treatment is not just ivermectin. It's a combination of drugs that we've been using for years and years and years to treat inflammation, respiratory problems, blood clot problems, viral illnesses, pneumonias, pneumonia prevention, everything that if you were to get sick before COVID, a lot of these same treatments we would be using. We did find the additional benefit from using hydroxychloroquine, but that study came out in 2005 and that was through the NIH. They did the study that showed chloroquine was a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus for both infection and spread 

HANNITY: Politicized, doctor. That’s what happened.

TYSON: Yeah. 

HANNITY: And add -- by the way, add to that now,  I think one of the most underutilized therapeutics has been Regeneron. Am I wrong? 

TYSON: No, you're not, and it's funny because I tell patients and Fareed tells patients all the time, the minute you get positive, I tell them, go to the E.R. and get Regeneron right away. Go, right now. And a lot of the times they go, and the E.R.s won't give it to them or they say they don't have it, it's not available, which I find amazing because we've been -- we've been touting all of these, you know, emergency use authorizations, this and everything but the one that's being underutilized and losing its shelf life is Regeneron. I asked the state of California, Sean, to -- to give me Regeneron for my urgent care because we do I.V. therapeutics here. And I could not, for two months, I still cannot get that medication to even give out my urgent care. 

HANNITY: I can't even begin to describe this, and on top of that, by the way, all the hundreds of thousands of people not being tested across the border, and The Blaze had an article today that, oh, illegal immigrants now overwhelming the border, they’re just processed and then pretty much given bus tickets to, quote, “wherever they want to go.” Not being tested. No, no vaccine mandate for the hundreds of thousands. Guys, you’re -- first, thank you for all you do every day. You're putting your own lives at risk every day. Secondly, for the -- for the help you've given me and so many people that I know that that don't know about these things, and it's extremely educational. Again, I urge people to, you know, do a lot of research, take it seriously and talk to their own doctors, and -- and the fact that you're so invested in this is, you know, I just take a bow, because you're putting yourself on the front lines of -- and really you’re true heroes in all of this, and I appreciate you taking the time to spend with our audience today. Thank you both.