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Citation From the August 3, 2021, edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Hour two, Sean Hannity Show special hour we're doing here on the program.


I understand that these breakthrough cases, fully vaccinated people, the percentage is very small. I can't explain the Provincetown, Massachusetts, anomaly. Nearly 500 people testing positive -- 74% percent had been fully vaccinated. I can't explain that. It's now hit me personally in my life. 

One of my best friends who fully vaccinated on Saturday, in fact, tested positive and he had COVID. And then, of course, Sen. Lindsey Graham, I got -- I called twice yesterday, checked in on him. He says he's doing OK. I talked to him about what options are available that I have learned from the many, many doctors that I have spoken to and interviewed over the last, you know, what, year and a half, I guess at this point. It's insane. And -- and every -- like for example, my -- I had two people that I've referred to, our friend, Dr. George Fareed, because I'm not a doctor, and I keep telling everybody, take it seriously, do your research. Take into account your unique medical history, your current medical condition. Talk to your doctor, your doctors, and then you're going to have to make that decision on your own. 

I refuse to play doctor on radio or TV, and I think all those people in Washington and all the people on TV that are telling me that it's now mandated, the vaccine, et cetera, et cetera, you don't know anything about anybody's condition. 

You know, whatever happened to medical privacy? Whatever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality? I mean, all these people racing to tell the world, “I got COVID, I got COVID, I got --” All right. So, this hour is specifically focused on -- now, in the case of my friend down in Georgia, and within 24 hours of his diagnosis, Dr. Fareed had arranged Regeneron, an infusion. 

And that's the monoclonal antibody cocktails that they have, and also had prescribed what he and Dr. Tyson -- again, they've been on the front lines of this from day one. They've treated thousands of people successfully with their therapeutics, including hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, et cetera, et cetera. 

So now that you have breakthrough cases, because we were told if you were fully vaccinated, you don't have to worry, and it seems at this point, Provincetown is definitely an anomaly, but I think we need to study it. How did that happen? Seventy four percent of people, of 500 people, were fully vaccinated, contracting COVID. That's alarming. Should be alarming. Scientifically, we need to try and get an answer, right? Make sense. 

The percentage of those people that, in fact, are being hospitalized or dying is -- is extraordinarily miniscule. They have only announced 125,000 breakthrough cases. I don't believe that number. I think it's quickly going higher, because my friend, for example, in New York that tested positive, fully vaccinated, he went to one of the doc in the box places for his official test. And the guy said, that's all I'm seeing now. And then his own personal doctor said, that's all I'm seeing now, are fully vaccinated people -- or in the case -- or, some unvaccinated people. 

OK, so now the question is, what if you get a -- what if you're fully vaccinated and you still contract COVID? What if you're not vaccinated, like my friend down in Georgia? Not only -- he was not vaccinated. 74 years old and got Regeneron within 24 hours, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine. He's fine. And then his wife got it, and now thankfully she took the same protocol. She's fine. Then his son got it, and guess what? He so -- according to all reports I recently got, he's fine. And his daughter got it, they’re I believe in their 30s and it's an older friend of mine, somebody I'm very fond of. And anyway, I'm very appreciative of Dr. Fareed and other friends in the medical community that I have called upon to -- to voluntarily -- I mean, I'm not paying them. I just say, can you do me a favor? And every time I've called Dr. Fareed, and I know he works in conjunction with Dr. Brian Tyson, these guys are -- they move heaven and earth to help people. 

If they start charging me, I promise you I'll be bankrupt because I'm an annoying pain in the ass when it comes to this. It's just if somebody in my life -- it's shocking to me how many people do not know about therapeutics. 

All right, hence where we're going this whole hour. We're going to take your calls. 

What if, either you're unvaccinated or you're a breakthrough case, what is the best therapeutics? 

Now, these are guys on the front line. This is not we're telling you what to do. This is informational for you. You ultimately have to make up your own mind. But they're going to give you their experience. Put it in your knowledge bank on COVID-19. And ultimately, it's up to you and your doctor what you're going to do, decide to do. They're giving you their expert medical opinion, being on the front lines of this from day one, unlike, say, flip-flop Fauci.

Anyway, we welcome back Dr. Brian Tyson, board certified family medicine, 14 years experience in the E.R., his hospital medical experience at Valley Urgent Care in El Centro, California. It’s a very busy place. He's treated, I think, about 6,000 cases of COVID with therapeutics. In other words, that they are more active and involved in proactive medicine, versus, for example, many, many places in New York.

You go into the emergency room, you test positive for COVID and they say if your temperature goes up, take two extra-strength Tylenol, monitor your oxygen. And if it goes to 90 or below, usually in day six, seven, eight or nine, yeah, then go to the emergency room. But by that time, the damage to your lungs is done. I can't believe it, actually. Knowing what we now know, we're way beyond that. And Dr. George Fareed, by the way, medical doctor, Harvard Medical School. And anyway, they're also good friends and they've treated thousands of COVID patients between them both. Thank you both for doing this hour with us. Dr. Tyson, Dr. Fareed, thank you. 

HANNITY: So I've been telling my audience to call. They are on the lines. I'm going to let you guys. I'll ask people just ask your question. They'll give you a quick answer. I will try and get as many people in as we can for the hour. Kelly in Oklahoma, you're on with Dr. Tyson and Dr. Fareed. 

CALLER: Hi, Sean. 

HANNITY: Hi. Thanks for calling. 

CALLER: Hi. Thanks, thanks for taking my call. I actually have a couple of questions. The first question is, is I had COVID back right after Thanksgiving of 20/20. And since Thanksgiving and into December, I have had what I've had two doctors call -- tell me is that COVID stomach where I have had some long term effects with it. 

And my question on that is what studies are being done to try to treat patients, people that have had COVID, and are there any studies out there about this, or what can I do? What treatments can I do to try to get some help with my stomach? I've had every test that they can do on my stomach and I've had the endoscope and a colonoscopy and all they can tell me is I have a COVID stomach and it has not gotten any better. 

DR. GEORGE FAREED: Could I make one quick recommendation? It’s Fareed here. It’s a very good question, Kelly. I know Brian will have something to add, but one of our colleagues in battle on the front lines is an amazing gastroenterologist, Sabine Hazen. And she's the world -- becoming the world expert on what's called the microbiome, and that's the flora that you have in your intestinal system. And it's -- and she -- there is a COVID gastro -- gastritis or intestinal infection that disrupts the intestinal immunity. 

Many don't really think of that because it's so much a respiratory illness. But one of the tests that they should do at some point, and you may have to go to her in in Malibu Ventura Clinic. It's a famous clinic that she has, and they do what's called the microbiome, and they find the change in the flora that may have occurred because of the COVID,  if it was untreated. Our early treatment prevents this from happening, but that can be corrected by readjusting the flora in your intestinal system. 

HANNITY: Dr. Tyson? 

DR. BRIAN TYSON: Absolutely. I was actually going to make the same recommendation. Sabine's doing some amazing work right now on the GI intestinal biome. 

HANNITY: I hope -- does that take care of your question, Kelly. Does that help you?.

CALLER: Yes. Well, I had one more question. I have had two different doctors recommend to me not to get the vaccine because they're thinking I still have some natural immunity to COVID, and one of my doctors actually had two patients, he said not to get the vaccine, and they did, and they died. So, you know, my question is, what do I do? 

HANNITY: Well, me, can I just say one thing myself? The Cleveland Clinic said, if you have natural immunity, you don't need any vaccine. Am I wrong, Dr. Fareed?

FAREED: No, no, you're absolutely right. And I know Brian will comment on it. We see many adverse reactions in the patients that have the natural immunity, the natural immunity is much more elaborate and and beneficial and will be lifelong probably now. But it certainly is durable for a year and definitely we think now potentially lifelong for COVID-19. 

So we -- I specifically tell my patients not to get vaccinated if they've recovered from the natural infection. 

HANNITY: Dr. Tyson?

CALLER: OK, thank you so much. I appreciate it. 

HANNITY: All right. Well, we appreciate it. Thank you. Quick break. We'll come back, more of your calls as we discuss, OK, breakthrough cases or therapeutics. If you get the new Delta variant or COVID-19, whatever variant you might get, more with Dr. Brian Tyson, more with Dr. George Fareed. They’ve been on the frontlines from day one.