Will Cain on vaccinations, 4/16/21

WIll Cain
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Citation From the April 16, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Will Cain Podcast

WILL CAIN (HOST): If this was about science, the CDC, the federal government, wouldn't have paused the J&J vaccination this past week. Of course, that's their word. Pause the vaccine -- not canceled the vaccine. I got the J&J vaccine. My wife got the J&J vaccine about two weeks ago. But now, there's some data out there that six people -- maybe seven -- six people developed blood clotting issues on a vaccine that's 7 million people had received. You know the data on that? I did it. It's something like five zeroes -- 0.000006% of people that received the J&J vaccine came down with a blood clotting issue. What manner of activities do we go through on a daily basis that have a greater risk than 0.000006? Who knows? Struck by lightning, struck by lightning twice, dying of a bee sting, getting attacked by a shark -- I'm sure these are all things of greater risk than the J&J vaccine risk. But here's our federal government pausing, canceling, taking it away from distribution because of this minute issue. Tell me how that is driven by science.