Will Cain on vaccines and fascism, 5/17/21

WIll Cain
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Citation From the May 17, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Will Cain Podcast

WILL CAIN (HOST): The mask wasn't there for empathy. It wasn't there for good manners. It certainly wasn't there for science. It was there for something else to boss other people around. And there will be a moving target. Rachel Maddow will find new ground from which to find herself better than you. She will find another way to feel superior. And I can guarantee where that fight will be. It will be a battle on the ground of vaccination. First, it will start out over whether or not vaccines need to be mandatory, probably regarding our children, and then it will move into the ground of vaccine passports. Show me your papers, as Geraldo very neatly laid out for you, proving to one another that we are vaccinated.

Now, listen to me and I've said this before on previous podcasts, and I will die on this hill. I am not an anti-vaxxer. I have taken vaccines and given vaccines to my children and my loved ones throughout my entire life. I'm sitting here today telling you I got the COVID vaccine. I took J&J, but I'll be damned if you will either bribe me, as we talked about in the last podcast, or you will shame me, name call, hector me about getting a vaccine for my children and not in the process answer any of my questions or the cost-benefit analysis. Again, go listen to The Will Cain Podcast last episode where we talked about the numbers of children who are infected or transmit COVID compared to the unknowns long-term of the COVID vaccine that is only approved for emergency use. Or listen to me talk about the fact that vaccine companies, pharmaceutical companies, have been granted total liability immunity, no downside. And since when it has been the tenet of the left or really anyone in America that for-profit corporations, one of the largest industries in this world, when granted the privilege of no downside, of not being able to be sued, ever acted in everyone's great interest, never cut a corner, always did above board.

No, I will not be backed down with cries of anti-vaxxer when it comes to my children. Maybe I'll have a come to Jesus. Maybe, by the way, my kids will get vaccinated. I'm not telling you there's a problem with the vaccine. I'm not telling you I'm not going to vaccinate my kids. What I'm telling you is I won't be shamed or hectored or bribed into injecting something in my child's arm. I will make that decision intimately with my wife, with my family, weighing the costs and benefits, weighing the risk-reward, asking all of the questions. And maybe at the end of that process, I will decide that I want to have my children vaccinated. Maybe society will put me in a difficult position, and I'll have this come-to-Jesus moment where I'll never be able to allow them to go to school or play in youth sports or go to summer camp unless they have a vaccine. And maybe at that point, I'll fold. But I will fight it every step of the way.

And when I say fight it, I mean, I will fight for the ability for all of us to make decisions based upon logic and rationality and personal choice and not the tyranny of name-calling from a group that has proven their guiding principle is not science. Their guiding principle is not fear. But their guiding principle has been laid out bare by people like David Hogg, by people like Rachel Maddow, that their guiding principle is simply to find another place from which they can project their virtue and supremacy over you. We will move from masks to vaccine mandates, and we will move from vaccine mandates to vaccine passports. And we will move there not because science requires it, not because fear requires it, and not even because paranoia requires it. We will move there because someone's identity, someone's need for moral supremacy requires they find a new issue to stand on a mountaintop over you, just like racists are the ones who most often yell racist, just like anti-science morons are the ones most likely to wield science as a fashion item. Just like that.

Fascists have been the ones yelling fascist for four-plus years. We will go from mandates to vaccine passports and maybe passports won't be obvious enough. Maybe we'll have to go to armbands that show who is and who is not vaccinated. How else can you be sure which one of us is anti-science? How else can we be sure whether or not I am better than you? How else can we be sure that Rachel Maddow has the moral high ground? And honestly, that takes me back to God.

Look, I don't want to be a partisan. I want to be a truth-teller. And the truth is, as you know, my political leanings are conservative. The left does not have a monopoly on this search for moral supremacy.