Will Cain on vaccines, 6/4/21

WIll Cain
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Citation From the June 4, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Will Cain Podcast

WILL CAIN (HOST): The truth matters. It matters to people's lives and their potential death. And the more that academics or journalists or politicians put topics off-limits, the more you realize you're closer to the truth.

And so that leads us to two interesting questions. Once you realize you're dealing with a liar, once you realize the truth is being hidden, what other areas are off-limits? What else is the liar hiding from you? And perhaps the more interesting question, why are we not allowed to tread on sacrosanct land?

So first, what other lies are we not allowed to question? About what other topics are not allowed to be touched? If you're just looking for topics that will get you blacklisted on social media, if you're just looking for topics that will get you branded in polite conversation, the effectiveness and safety of the COVID-19 vaccine, I'm not telling you that the vaccine is unsafe, and I'm not telling you the vaccine is ineffective. I have told you in the past I got the JNJ shot, but I'm also capable of stepping back and saying if you question the safety or effectiveness of that vaccine, well, then you're a conspiracy theorist. I think that's weird. I think that's weird when, as we've talked about in previous episodes of The Will Cain Podcast, Big Pharma has not earned that blind faith. Big companies having been granted liability protection, have not earned that kind of trust. And big politicians out there not using reason or persuasion to convince you of the necessity, to convince you of the effectiveness and the safety of the vaccine, instead bribe you from donuts and burgers to a chance to win one million dollars in a lottery to Joe Biden's latest bribe. get the shot, get a beer, in partnership with Anheuser-Busch.

My eyebrows raised not just that at --  not just the absurdity of setting aside your previous concerns of the rise in obesity in the United States or the rise in alcoholism or gambling addiction. None of those seem to matter as you use those very same tools to pawn off a Shake Shack burger and fries a can of Bud heavy or feeding the addiction of the convenience store scratch-off game. Set aside that absurdity and it doesn't raise your eyebrows just a bit at these bribes are necessary to convince everyone that a vaccine is necessary? But I know I know those kinds of questions will get me branded as an anti-vaxxer. Those kind of topics should not be broached. That kind of ground is sacred, which all the more makes me think, am I getting closer to the truth?