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Citation From the June 14, 2021, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Maybe this vaccine is the best thing ever. Maybe this vaccine is a gift from God. Maybe this vaccine has no side effects. Maybe everyone who's taken the vaccine and then died from it, it's just total coincidence. Maybe Eric Clapton really didn't have an adverse reaction. Maybe William Shakespeare, the first man to get the vaccine in the United Kingdom at 81 years old -- celebrated and then died right after -- maybe he died because he had bad fish and chips. Maybe that's why William Shakespeare died, not because of the Chinese coronavirus vaccine. Maybe the nine Yankees players who got the vaccine and then tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus, maybe they're just the exception to the rule. I don't know. But I'm going to keep on asking these questions and I also find it deeply creepy -- and I use that word intentionally -- creepy with how motivated the other side is to try to vaccinate everyone. In fact, they go as far to say you're a bad person if you don't get the vaccine.