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Citation From the July 12, 2021, edition of Westwood One's The Dan Bongino Show

DAN BONGINO (HOST): Keep in mind, you may remain unvaccinated for a number of reasons, including the fact that many of you had the virus before and likely have a significant antibody response still or a T and B cell response and have obtained some form of long-term immunity. [Former Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen] doesn't care about any of that because they're big government totalitarians. They want to punish you and they see your liberty as a tool, again, not granted to you by God, your freedom and liberty, but granted to you by government, therefore it can be taken away.


I'm free, period, full stop. That's not the way the left sees it. There are two Americas. The left sees freedom and liberty as a subjective, changeable, plastic, malleable value -- or commodity, I should say, precision matters here -- that they can mold and fit to enact their big state agenda.