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Citation From the July 6, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

NAOMI WOLF: It's a shocking and tragic day for this country and I didn't think I would see it in my lifetime because I thought people would fight back more effectively before now. At the same time, it's very predictable. Tyrants, when you're trying to close an open society, as I say over and over, always do the same 10 steps. And if you don't stop them at step three, they get to step eight, which is knocking on people's doors, frightening them, getting information from neighbors about neighbors, compiling a database. And the -- I could tease out why this is so terrifying and what it leads to next if you want me to, but I can tell you historically that the blackshirts did this, the brownshirts did this, every closed society --

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Is this the American Stasis? You had Facebook the other day say start reporting on your neighbors, your friends, your loved ones if they're starting to get caught up in this extremism. Do you think this is the American Stasi? They're now going to start knocking on the doors. This is not the War Room saying this, this is not Steve Bannon saying this, this is Joe Biden and Jen Psaki, and they've got a nice list of five things they're going to do. They're going to go to the churches, they're going to go to the schools.


WOLF: There's been such pushback, and it's transpartisan -- though I have to say mostly Republican-led at the state level -- that I do think that they're changing strategy because they're not being effective at the state level, and so it's a scary hand of the federal government saying we're going to bypass the will of the state legislatures and state governors, the will of the people state by state, and we're going to turn, basically, the CDC and health boards into blackshirts and brownshirts, basically. I don't want to use inflated language but that is the next step. That is like -- what's the next step is they take your child away if you haven't vaccinated him or her, that's the next step. Or they take you to a quarantine camp if you can't show your vaccination papers.