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Citation From the July 8, 2021, edition of Newsmax's John Bachman Now

JOHN BACHMAN (HOST): Jack, I mean, we've had this conversation on this very show, talking about your reluctance to get the vaccine. I mean, nobody should really be felt like they're being forced to comply with a, you know, drug, experimental drug trial right now, and that's still where we are. So for Dr. Fauci to take this kind of position — I mean, I know he's on MSNBC here. But, you know, who is his audience really, Jack?

JACK BREWER (GUEST): It's the people who want to push this narrative, this liberal narrative, that is going to scare everyone to lock down their businesses and to stay afraid. You know, my biggest problem has always been there is no individual analysis done. You're talking about Dr. Fauci, who should be talking about people who are obese and the rate in which those people are affected. Or those that have preexisting conditions.


And it's just so sad that Dr. Fauci's not taking his time to educate the American people on what the real options are for, especially, for folks that don't have any conditions. I talk to athletes all the time, and now we have college athletes, we have professional athletes that are being threatened to have to put something in their body that they don't know, really, what it is, that hadn't been fully tested. And really threatening the rest of their careers because they don't want to get sick. And so, you can't keep pushing a vaccine on people that are already healthy, that are already immune. It's really immoral.