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Citation From the May 4, 2021, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace

CANDACE OWENS (DAILY WIRE, HOST): Am I the only person, by the way, when you see it pop up and it says that this is misinformation or missing context, it makes me want to click through and see what it says. It's not making me go, "Oh this must not be true."

MICHAEL KNOWLES (DAILY WIRE): Of course. I would like to say this for the record. I don't think that the coronavirus vaccine is going to give me 5G cell service in a microchip. But the more that Facebook puts up those warnings, the more I think that maybe my cell phone will get better if I get the vaccine. 

EMERALD ROBINSON (NEWSMAX): Well and the thing is, I mean, it makes me do my own fact-checking, right, when I see it. Because I have been fact-checked as well and it was wrong. It was false. And I looked up the fact-checker. She was really nothing more than an intern. She was basically just out of college and absolutely wrong on it. I start checking the fact-checking myself and I found in the case so many times it’s absolutely false -- the fact-checking. And they leave out all this important context about what is really in what they're fact-checking.