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Citation From the April 21, 2021, edition of Fox News' Faulkner Focus

T.W. SHANNON (FORMER CO-CHAIR, BLACK VOICES FOR TRUMP): There is no interest really in healing this country like Joe Biden talks so much about. What we see is more and more of this false narrative that there is a systemic police racism problem in America. The reality is it's not. The statistics just don't bear that out. When we looked at what happened with the George Floyd case, his murder, his death. It was a crime, we all witnessed it. Putting your knee on a person's neck for nine minutes is wrong and fortunately, the system worked and the guy who did it has been convicted, he's been tried, and he'll eventually be sentenced. But the reality is this: In America, it's still a land of opportunity, not a place of systemic racism, and unfortunately we have race-baiters out there who will continue to churn that wheel and to tell that story. But it is done at the peril of law enforcement as well as minority communities.