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Citation From the April 21, 2021, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

BEN CARSON: (FORMER HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT SECRETARY): First of all, I wasn't surprised by the verdict. I mean, it was pretty obvious that this police officer was way outside the norm. He is not supported by anybody that I know of, including his supervisors and fellow police officers. So to try to take what he did and make that seem like the norm that requires a dissection of the police department in Minneapolis seems a little bit extreme. But I think it plays to a narrative that there is systemic racism and therefore we need to be on the forefront of eliminating it. 


CARSON: Well, do we need some reforms? Absolutely. There are things that can be done, and we can do those much better if we work together rather than trying to demonize the system based on occurrences that are quite infrequent. And there are things that the police could use, for instance, that are nonlethal that are very effective and immobilizing people. We need to move forward on those kinds of things. But the president, I think, could probably do much better by saying, “We have a system in place. It works, as you've seen by the verdict that was done here. Do we need to make improvements? Yes, and let's work together to do that." Seems to me that would be much more presidential.