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Citation From the March 31, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (HOST): Many of these young athletes have been left to fight this battle alone as they face a barrage of abuse from woke students online and at their school. But some moms, especially conservative moms, have finally had enough. They refuse to let their gender be canceled and they are looking for some heroes to back them up in this fight.

One of those heroes is Gov. Hutchinson from Arkansas, who signed a law banning biological men from competing in women's high school and college sports. Gov. Asa Hutchinson joins me now.

Governor, thank you so much. There is a lot of women out there on my show that are rooting for you, thanking you. But why don't you just first by telling us exactly what's in this bill?

GOV. ASA HUTCHINSON (R-AR): Well, it's not a complicated bill. And the general assembly passed the bill. And in my view, I signed it because it protects women's sports. I happen to be a fan of girls in basketball, the great work that they do in soccer. So many different sports of women have been benefited by Title IX.

And now you see that being undermined by biological males trying to compete against girls in girls' sports. So, the law simply says that, that if you are going to compete in girls' sports at the high school or college level, then you cannot be a biological male. It's not complicated; it's simple. And it's designed to protect the spirit of women's sports, to protect the integrity of women's sport, and to give girls the opportunity to compete and to showcase their talents and that they do very well. We are proud of them. And this is designed to support that.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Yeah. It's just fairness. I'd love to hear how the state of Arkansas has reacted to this bill and especially the kinds of feedback that you've been getting from women and from these young athletes, these young women athletes, female athletes.


CAMPOS-DUFFY: We are going to have to bring you back because I know you also have a bill to stop transgender treatment and surgeries as well for minors. I think a lot of moms are going to be supporting you on that as well. I just want to really thank you for standing up for our young athletes and for women and for our gender, and congratulations to the state of Arkansas.