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Citation From the April 1, 2021, edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom

BILL HEMMER (ANCHOR): Quick glance, what's in the package, here it is: $620 billion to rebuild roads, bridges, and highways, $400 billion on home care for the elderly and disabled, $174 billion in tax incentives for sales of electric vehicles, $650 billion on electric grid improvements, broadband, water systems, on and on and on it goes. The Washington Post crunched the numbers. We crunched the numbers. We’d find that 5.5% of the $2 trillion — well, 5.6 of the $2 trillion proposal is only dedicated to roads and bridges. Why is that? 

PETE BUTTIGIEG (SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION): Well, we're talking about roads and bridges. We're talking about rail and transit. We're talking about airports and ports.

As you mentioned, we're talking about things like the grid. I don't know why anybody would say it's a mistake to invest in the grid after what we just witnessed in Texas. We saw U.S. citizens living in Texas, melting snow in their bathtubs to be able to flush their toilets — in the United States of America. That is unacceptable. So yes, infrastructure includes energy infrastructure.

You know what else is part of infrastructure now? Broadband. I'm proud of the fact, even though it’s a little outside my lane on the transportation side, I’m proud of the fact that we’re going to finally get broadband out to every American, because we know, especially in rural areas, how much that’s cutting people off from opportunity.