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Citation From the March 30, 2021, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

DANA PERINO (CO-ANCHOR): Children in the San Diego School District are still learning remotely, but it could soon be a totally different experience for another group. The county now looking for teachers to volunteer for in-person teaching for migrant kids. 


JONATHAN HUNT (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT): Republican politicians accuse county education staff of putting migrant children first. Congressman Darrell Issa saying, quote, “The decision to provide in-person instruction to illegal migrants is outrageous and parents have every right to be angry.” But again, Dana, the program isn't yet underway. The bottom line is, in theory, some teachers could be teaching migrant kids before San Diego public school students get back to the classroom. Dana. 

PERINO: That probably won't sit well with some parents. Thank you, Jonathan.


BILL HEMMER (CO-ANCHOR): Let’s bring in Lawrence Jones, Fox Nation. How you doing, Lawrence, good morning to you. What do you think about that? You sit at home and you stay on Zoom for a year, right, or you cross the border and you get free education. 

LAWRENCE JONES (FOX NATION HOST): Well, I’ll tell you this: The American people are very compassionate, but the moment that you start to make their kids take a back seat and the rules and the science seems to change based on politics is where that compassion goes right out the door. This is typical, though. There is a double standard going on. They don't believe in the science. It has become very clear that the teachers unions and the people that are volunteering, in theory, are activists. If the science is OK for the migrants that are here in the country illegally -- and no fault of their own, these are kids, by the way -- then the science should say go back to school and teach our kids. I think a lot of people, when they are looking at what is taking place right here from a humanitarian standpoint, not just from the in-person learning, but even -- I just got back from Seattle, there’s a crisis going on there. Drugs everywhere, needles everywhere. Kids can't play softball because addicts have taken over their soccer parks. This is why Americans are upset. It's not that they don't care about these kids. It is saying put us first. We're coming out of a pandemic. People are struggling. Kids aren't back in school. Why is there different rules for these kids? 

HEMMER: Zoom school. I just want to read the San Diego Office of Education statement, call for No. 2: “The San Diego County Office of Education is providing the educational program for the unaccompanied migrant children who will be staying at the San Diego Convention Center through July. All children in California, regardless of immigration status, have a constitutional right to education.” End quote. With that, I turn it over to my partner. 

JONES: And Americans don't? 

PERINO: We talk about the pull, right. If you are a parent in Mexico or Central America and you’re thinking I'll send my kid across because they'll be taken care of and they know that they're going to get to go to school? How does that prevent people from making that decision to send their kids alone across the border?

JONES: It's creating more incentive.