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Citation From the March 7, 2021, edition of NBC's Meet the Press

CHUCK TODD (HOST): John Allen, it's interesting with -- throughout the campaign, in the book you covered, he was the guy that was talking about being able to restore some normalcy to Washington. Look, he didn't get the bipartisanship on this bill. How hard do you expect a President Biden to fight for bipartisanship? 

JONATHAN ALLEN (NBC NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL REPORTER): I think President Biden will fight for bipartisanship where he can find it. But you know, there's an unevenness in what we've seen with the COVID relief bills. Last year, Republicans wrote COVID relief bills with a Republican flavor, and you saw the Democrats vote for them. Now with Democrats in the majority, they wrote a Democratic-flavored relief bill and none of the Republicans voted for it even after the Democrats got rid of things like minimum wage that their progressive base were arguing for.