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Citation From the February 26, 2021, edition of CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto

POPPY HARLOW (CO-ANCHOR): So, final question, not on this topic, on the topic of unity that I think the country has been hoping for. The Biden administration right now is pushing through this $1.9 trillion stimulus bill and it will not have a single Republican in either chamber supporting it. You told my colleague, Ana Cabrera, just in December, “If there's anyone who could foster bipartisanship" -- your words, quote -- "it is certainly Joe Biden." Are you worried that we're not seeing as much of that as you had hoped for? 

JULIAN CASTRO (FORMER HUD SECRETARY): I'm worried for the Republican Party. Because I think that poll after poll shows that the vast majority of Americans, even Republicans --

HARLOW: That's true. 

CASTRO: -- support President Biden's proposal. 


HARLOW: We have to go, I'm out of time, but they did propose a counterproposal. I hear you, but they did lift a finger in terms of making a counterproposal that was not acceptable to the Biden administration.