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Citation From the February 19, 2021, edition of Fox News' America Reports with John Roberts and Sandra Smith

KARL ROVE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Under the law, the Stafford Act of 1968, the federal government provides resources through the state. What I’m picking up is, is that the Biden administration was very eager to be talking to people like the Democrat county executive, we call them county judges in Texas, Clay Jenkins in Dallas County, and really not working through the state emergency management people.

You know, the state emergency management people, we’re hearing of, you know, White House contacts with Democratic local elected officials.

This should be outside of politics. They should pick up the phone and do what they finally did yesterday, which is the president of the United States talked with the governor of Texas last night. Let's hope that they work through the state of management, emergency management people who are trained to handle these kind of crises, have been putting together what's needed and where it's needed.

The president was great to issue a major disaster declaration, that allows people who’ve got uninsured losses because of water or cold to get assistance, and good to happen, but -- but they need to be -- they need to be working through, as the law specifies, through the state emergency management person, not turning this into some White House intergovernmental affairs people picking up the phone and calling Clay Jenkins and saying, “What can we do for you?”