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Citation From the February 16, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Spicer & Co.

SEAN SPICER (CO-HOST): Tell me, are you onboard with this commission?

REP. MIKE TURNER (R-OH): Well, I think, you know, we have to be cautious about anything that Nancy Pelosi comes for that's supposed to be a truth commission. You know, after all, she said that the trial has has happened for the impeachment, and now we have to find the truth, admitting that her rushing an impeachment article directly to the floor without any hearings, without any investigation, and then the presentation that was put on by the Democrats was largely just news stories and Twitter feeds. Doesn't give us the answer or the truth. That certainly, I think, is quite an admission on her part.

LYNDSAY KEITH (CO-HOST): Yeah, and there's a lot of people out there that actually want to know what Nancy Pelosi thinks and what she knew at the time. Your colleagues, actually, Rodney Davis, Jim Comer, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, they sent a letter saying this. 


KEITH: They're putting her on the spot there. She is the leader. Do you think that that was the right approach by your colleagues?

TURNER: Well, the one thing that we know already before the investigation begins, is that the Capitol police chief said that he had received intelligence that there could be a threat of the Capitol on January 6 and that he had requested that there be National Guard backup. He had informed the sergeant-of-arms and the sergeant-of-arms had declined to that additional support. Now everyone assumes, and the understanding is that the sergeant-of-arms reports directly to the speaker of the House. He would certainly have gone to her, into her office and requested -- given them the information and requested guidance before he would have rejected that additional protection.

So, this is going to be pretty important because if it turns out that Nancy Pelosi turned down additional protection of the Capitol she may have, in the end, brought forth articles of impeachment because she turned down appropriate protection for the Capitol.