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Citation From the February 16, 2021, edition of One America News' In Fox with Stephanie Hamill

STEPHANIE HAMILL (ANCHOR): What do you think of this 9-11 commission -- type commission that Pelosi wants to put together to investigate the Capitol riot? 

REP. GREG STEUBE (R-FL): Well, first of all, to equate what happened at the Capitol where you had people breaking in to security and five people unfortunately passing away, and I condemned what occurred at Capitol -- to try to compare what happened on September 11 -- I don't think we're in the same realm of events that occurred in our country's history. But I do think there needs to be investigating. 

You know what my first question is, is for Speaker Pelosi, and is she the one that made the decision not to call in the National Guard? We know for a fact that the Capitol police chief who’s now resigned stated two days before the riots and two days before the rally in Washington -- he requested the National Guard and he was denied. The sergeant-of-arms said that they were concerned about the quote-unquote optics of having the National Guard present. 

So, Speaker Pelosi is in charge of the security at the House. Speaker Pelosi is in charge of everything at the House. Did she make that decision on behalf of the House? And if so, why did she make that decision? And I think she should be held accountable for that. If the National Guard would have come in two days before the event, right, as the chief of police was requesting, you wouldn't have seen what occurred at the Capitol that day, because there would have been enough manpower there to keep people from going over the barricades. 

So I think there's a lot that needs to be investigated here and I think Speaker Pelosi -- it's her responsibility as speaker of the House, this is the safety and security of the House. You don't hear anybody talking about that. That's her responsibility. And I think Americans should know how much she knew about the request for the National Guard and when she knew it. 

HAMILL: Yeah. I remember the reports, and we talked about it on this show, that the FBI and NYPD tipped off Capitol Police that maybe something was going to go down on January 6.