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Citation From the December 30, 2020, edition of Judicial Watch's Obamagate Targeting Felt like HOSTILE TAKEOVER by Hostile Force!  

MICHAEL FLYNN (GUEST): You can’t deny where you have — I think we’re upwards of 50,000 — I think it’s even more than that now — I use 50,000; that’s probably two weeks old — of American citizens who have come forward under penalty of perjury and signed affidavits to say, “I saw this. I witnessed that.”

And these are powerful testimony to a fraudulent election. And so, for the media, and for the — for those at the Democratic Party who are saying, “Ah, nothing to see here, let’s just keep moving. I’m going to appoint somebody else to be secretary of this, or secretary of that, and shut up and go home — take your ball and go home,” now, let me just —

TOM FITTON (HOST): My perception is Biden knows he doesn’t have a legitimate claim on the presidency. And I think his appointments, his attitude, his behavior suggests someone who knows they’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

And I — and it's not to say that Biden stole it personally. The left and its allies broke the rules to get him in power. That was what happened.

And I think on the election, my view on the election security stuff is what we’re going to find is what you said — that they broke the rules. So, they broke the rules in a way that compromised the results — didn’t mean that the results were compromised. It made it impossible to reassure your — to reassure any normal person that they were legit.

So, when you break the rules, when you have computer systems that can be breached and are breached, and when you are changing the systems in the middle of the elections, you're breaking the law, and you're undermining the administration of the elections and therefore negating them, the results. That’s what they’re worried about.

They don’t — even if it’s just bureaucratic bungling, they didn’t want to — you know, they were going to do their patches and they didn’t think about the implications of it, they recognize that it bursts the narrative that the election was administered fairly.