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Citation From the December 4, 2020 edition of Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton's Weekly Update

TOM FITTON (HOST): So, going back to the elections, we’re all supposed to believe in the security of these voter machines, right? Well, wrong. We have a number of issues out there as it relates to voter machines.

The first one obviously, it’s — I go back to this Chavez controversy with Smartmatic and Dominion. What is beyond, almost, reason — what is beyond all reasonable doubt is that Hugo Chavez used the computer system set up by Smartmatic, an election system, to steal an election many years ago.

And the question is are those computer systems, election computer systems, that were used so easily to steal an election in Venezuela, is that type of system widely being used in the United States, where it is easy to change the outcome of an election? Where — I think it's fair to ask that question.

Some people say there’s evidence that actually happened. I haven’t seen it yet. But I’m open to it, because it happened once in Venezuela and I’m worried it could happen again here. Why am I worried? Because I listen to the left, I guess, right? Because the left is concerned about the security of these election systems — at least they were, up until it became politically inconvenient in the 2020 election cycle.