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Citation From the November 23, 2020, edition of The Todd Starnes Show

TODD STARNES (HOST): Tom, I’m curious. What are you guys finding out about this Dominion Voting System, these machines?

TOM FITTON (GUEST): You know, all we know is that what we read in the newspaper, and what I’m hearing from Sidney, who I trust. I mean, what I — you know, yeah, look — I’m kind of a simple guy.

What do we know out there, and is what we know out there enough to raise questions? And what happened in that one county in Michigan, in my view, is enough to raise questions. Where you had a combination of human operator and computer error, in the sense that the software wasn’t uploaded properly to mix and to match the current election ballot, and resulted in a flip of votes.

Well, you know, I’ve read carefully the explanations about what went on and I encourage you to, Todd — to too, Todd. And I — you know, frankly, it’s not terribly persuasive that the problem was small or limited to that one jurisdiction. So I think just what happened in that one place is enough for everywhere else that used this system to audit what went on.