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Citation From the December 30, 2020, edition of Judicial Watch's Obamagate Targeting Felt like HOSTILE TAKEOVER by Hostile Force!

TOM FITTON (HOST): Witnesses about what happened in Venezuela aside, we’ve had report after report, until it became inconvenient to remember those reports —


FITTON: — that Chavez stole the election using electronic computer system. Smartmatic has admitted they left the country because of the abuse of their system. So, it isn’t — so, it’s not unfair to ask —

FLYNN: Right.

FITTON: — It seems to me, to ask — we’re not even allowed to ask the question. Well, can the systems that Smartmatic used, that are — and they don’t have to be one-to-one systems, but they’re all basically the same approach. I mean, they all have their own little patent related to the programming, but it’s all — you know, you can only count votes so many ways. Could those — are those systems susceptible to manipulation the way they were in Venezuela? And we’re not even allowed to ask the question.