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Citation From the December 30, 2020, edition of Judicial Watch's Obamagate Targeting Felt like HOSTILE TAKEOVER by Hostile Force!

MICHAEL FLYNN (GUEST): On this Dominion, ESNS, which is the other system — electronic voting systems — and another company called Hart, and they — they used this version of a — of a Smartmatic — Dominion used this software Smartmatic. So, all that said, our electronic voting systems, by law, are not supposed to be connected to the internet. So, they’re not supposed to be connected to the internet. You're not supposed to do software updates prior to an election, during the election, or after the election unless it’s recertified, meaning the entire thing has to be shut down, recertified, and in — and in fact, by — if I have my dates, my numbers correct, or my — my days correct — it's 90 days prior. If you're going to make a software change, you have to do it 90 days prior to an election.

TOM FITTON (HOST): So, no patches in the middle of the night.

FLYNN: Right, no patches in the middle of the night, no patches the day before, no patches after. OK?

FITTON: All right.

FLYNN: So, and then the other thing about the internet, it’s not supposed to be connected to the internet. So, we have — we have factual evidence — factual evidence — that, because — and through — through forensic analysis — of these electronic machines having IP addresses. Right? An IP address is an internet protocol. It’s essentially an electronic handshake between me and Tom Fitton. And that electronic handshake is between one machine to another machine. In some cases, that other machine is a “server,” right, is a “server” that everybody right now is familiar with. So, we have Internet Protocol addresses that go to China, that go to Serbia, that go to Spain, that go to Germany, that go to Russia, that go to Iran. I mean these are — these are clear — this is clear evidence.