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Citation From the January 18, 2021, edition of Fox News' America Reports

TOM HOMAN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I wrote an op-ed for Fox News in July of 2020, you know, six months ago, saying this would happen if Joe Biden became president. His words matter. And saying, you know, “Delay it. We're going to take care of you in the near future, but don't come right now," too little, too late. The promises he has made is going to entice people to come to this country no matter what he says now. It's already started. The criminal gangs have already figured out the transportation routes, the caravans are already loaded up and coming, and more is going to come. You're going to see a surge at the border that we have never seen before because of the words of Joe Biden. 


HOMAN: His words matter. It's too little, too late. He's not going to stop it. You know what the most disgusting thing about this is? He knew his words. He knew his promises would cause a surge. Back in FY-14, FY-15, the first surges came across, he was the vice president. I was at the White House numerous times, briefing the White House staff on why the surges happening and what we needed to respond, which is more detention beds. But what's he saying now? No detention, no removals. He knew his words would cause this surge. It's more important for him to win the votes from the left and be elected president than to protect his country. He put himself in front of the country and that to me is disgusting.