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NEIL CAVUTO: Always get nervous when politicians promote a program saying it will pay for itself. Talking a little bit about this Biden stimulus plan. We're seeing the unemployment rate effectively double, but it's way down from the 13% it was at the heights of the pandemic. So the trend should be the president-elect's friend Fredo Ortiz joins us, the Job Creators Network, the CEO. Fredo, let me ask you a little bit about some of the things that have gone into pricing the Biden stimulus plan and that, the economic activity it would generate. People will cash checks, they go to the store and they spend it. It will more than pay for it. Do you buy that?

ALFREDO ORTIZ: Yeah, Neil, I really don't actually. And if you'll really look closely and listen to the words coming out from Biden, they're not talking about offsets, paid-fors, offsets, anything like that. That's because they're pushing this theory called modern monetary theory which is basically Keynesian on steroids. The idea that there is no such thing as debt or deficits and that you can print money to fund all of these wacky social programs that are on Bernie Sanders' list, who is going to be the new Senate Budget Committee chair, from the Green New Deal to every other, you know, Medicare for All, you name it. So they're not worried about how they're going to pay for it because they just think we can keep printing money and there's going to be no impact.