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Citation From the January 14, 2021, edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

LOU DOBBS (HOST): There is evidence that a left-wing activist was, in point of fact, an agitator in that -- in that mob that assailed the Capitol. I understand that you have reporting on this as well. Tell us what you will, please.

JOHN SOLOMON (GUEST): Yes. There is a new aff -- FBI affidavit filed in court today, in which an FBI agent says John Sullivan of Utah, a liberal anarchist, liberal activist, was participating in the rally. He has been out there saying, "Listen, I was filming it as a journalist. I was there inside the Capitol as a journalist." The FBI says that is not true. He was participating in the acts, according to the FBI. He was encouraging people to light things on fire. He was encouraging people to take things. And the FBI recommends in their affidavit that he be charged with federal crimes. This is the first known person that the FBI has confirmed, a liberal activist -- not a Trump activist, a liberal activist -- engaged in criminality inside the Capitol as part of last Wednesday's riots. 

DOBBS: Video of Sullivan operating and also re-capsulizing his role and some braggadocio about how effective he was as a provocateur. That video, I know, is on a number of sites, yours, it's on Gateway Pundit -- I want to give them credit, it was the first that I saw. This is -- it is chilling to see what was going on.