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Citation From the January 7, 2021, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Why do they think there was election fraud? Because you upended the election system three weeks or months, at most, before the election. You go into Pennsylvania where the state constitution says no widespread mail-in voting. It's unconstitutional. What do you do? You replace the system with mail-in voting. What do you do in Georgia? You say, “Oh we're not going finish counting the votes on election night. Poll watchers go home." And then secretly you keep counting the votes. What do you do -- actually back in Philly, you send some of the poll watchers home. When do we get the results? Not on election night. It looks like Trump's winning on election night. So it's days afterward, weeks afterward. It's banana republic stuff. And I have to tell you, I do not have evidence that the election was stolen. Nobody has evidence of that. Nobody has evidence of widespread fraud. When the mainstream media tell you there's no evidence of widespread fraud, that's true, actually. However, you can't -- we have safeguards in elections for a reason and Democrats used to defend them. Barack Obama said he had worries about mail-in voting. There was a time when Democrats defended voter ID. I guess that's long out the window. There's a reason we have Election Day and not election season. Because it's very difficult to secure all the ballot boxes for months at a time. Even one day it's hard enough. So you don't get to go in, take away all of the safeguards for election integrity, and then tell me that the burden is on me to provide all the evidence of fraud. You don't get to do that. That is unacceptable. And people are absolutely justified in their outrage over that. It is an outrage. It's a national scandal.