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Citation From the December 10, 2020, edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Sidney, great to have you with us. You say these four individuals led the effort to rig this election. How did they do it?

SIDNEY POWELL (FORMER TRUMP LAWYER): Well, Lou, they designed and developed the Smartmatic and Dominion programs and machines that include a controller module that allows people to log in and manipulate the vote even as it's happening. We're finding more and more evidence of this. We now have reams and reams of actual documents from Smartmatic and Dominion, including evidence that they planned and executed all of this. We know that $400 million of money came into Smartmatic from China, only a few weeks before the election, that there are George Soros connections to the entire endeavor. Lord Malloch-Brown was part of it, along with the other people from Dominion. Eric Coomers, the person who also holds patents on some of the software and was operating out of the Denver office, I believe. We know that one of the Smartmatic people has went to Tarrant County, Texas, and turned that county blue after having been an executive with Smartmatic and all of a sudden this one election, Tarrant County, is purportedly blue. We have evidence of how they flipped the votes, how it was designed to flip the votes, and that all of it has been happening just as we have been saying it has been.

DOBBS: What is the evidence that you have compiled? How have you constructed the architecture of this relationship among these four individuals?

POWELL: Well, we're still reviewing the massive amount of documents that we have, but we have communications between them, and all different kinds of messages that indicate their involvement in it. It's a massive amount of additional information to go through that's only been in our hands a short time, but we will be producing more and more of it. It will be coming out more by the day. And then also the connections with the Chinese and other countries that were attacking us in this massive cyber Pearl Harbor, as we called it.

DOBBS: Jorge Rodriguez, I want to go through -- we're going to put up on the screen so people can follow the conversation here, because these are names that most of us are not familiar with. You say that Jorge Rodriguez, the Venezuelan, former Venezuelan communications minister, is the ringleader, the CEO of the enterprise, as you put it. What is the evidence that this former communications minister could reach into the U.S. electoral system and raise the havoc and commit the fraud that obviously we have witnessed in 2020?

POWELL: Well we've known from early on in our independent investigation that the entire system was created for the benefit of Venezuela and Hugo Chavez to rig elections to make sure he continued winning. And then it was passed on to Mr. Maduro to do the same. And we know it was exported to other countries by virtue of some of the Dominion executives that proceeded to go about and essentially sell elections to the highest bidder. We know, for example, that Mr. Rodriguez has been on TV incessantly, trying to and actually mocking the United States. He is one of the highest --

DOBBS: Venezuelan television?

POWELL: Yes, Venezuelan television. And he's been one of the leaders of the whole election stealing project. But keep in mind, Venezuela has been highly influenced by the Chinese, and we know from filings with the SEC and otherwise that the Chinese put $400 million into Dominion only four weeks before the election, and they shared office space with George Soros' companies, as well as the leadership of Lord Malloch-Brown in the U.K. and Canada. It is a very concerning and troubling and illegal web of conduct that all of which focused on rigging the election in this country, and we're seeing the results in multiple states where we're now identifying specific votes flipped, like in a couple of Georgia counties. In fact, Coffee County, Georgia, just yesterday, I believe, refused to certify the results of the election in Coffee County because of the vote disparities and flipping. We're getting more and more evidence out of other counties across the country about the same kind of conduct. We knew from Antrim County, for example, in Michigan, that 6,000 votes magically were flipped on election night. I think the cause of that is going to become more and more apparent as we proceed in the investigation. And frankly our National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency need to be all over this immediately. The evidence is overwhelming and extremely troubling that this has been going on, and it didn't just start this year.