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Citation From the December 9, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Obviously nobody trusts the people who run the country anymore. But now, in the middle of this endemic distrust, they are planning to force you to take the coronavirus vaccine. It's so safe, they have to threaten you to take it. If they do that, that could lead to a legitimate crisis. Victor Davis Hanson is here to explain, next.


CARLSON: Well, the very same people who scream "my body my choice" and put it on their T-shirts have identified a new cause tonight. A lawmaker in New York is proposing legislation that would quote "mandate vaccinations" if any of the serfs are foolish enough to refuse to take the new coronavirus vaccine. What happens if people refuse? Well, we don't know. In New York, it might depend entirely on the color of your skin.


CARLSON: So, like most rational people, we're not against vaccines; we’re for vaccines. The polio vaccine saved millions of children. But in this very specific case, let's be clear. If the people in charge force the population to take this vaccine, we could have a legitimate crisis on our hands in this country.