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Citation From the November 4, 2020, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

JOE HOFT (THE GATEWAY PUNDIT): There's three states that, well actually four, that just decided to stop counting last night. And so as Trump's getting ready to win, we saw North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona and Pennsylvania just stop. They decided, we're going to stop counting, which is just, you know, unreal. What's going on here? This is America. Count until you've got, you know, until you're done. And still today --


HOFT: And then the other thing that they did, and Trump said this at his 3 a.m. talk, is said "Hey, you know, we don't want 4 a.m., you know, voter dumps, ballot dumps," and sure enough, in Michigan and Wisconsin, in each state, there was over a hundred thousand votes that got dumped. In Wisconsin, more than 100,000. Michigan, around 200,000. And you can see it in some charts we put up on a couple posts this morning. So clearly, that was a dump. 

We've actually talked to somebody in Michigan who said they know, some people who say there’s three cars pulled up to one of the ballot stations and dropped off a bunch of ballots. One of the cars was a real expensive -- I think it was a Lamborghini or something. And they didn't take any pictures. But there was like 200,000 ballots that just all of a sudden 200,000 for Biden, none for Trump. And so now both of these states are real close.