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Citation From the October 21, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): That is astounding. I mean, they think it's the best thing to do is to let one candidate not talk or use the platform that made you rich and made you important, temporarily, even though you're an ex-executive of Twitter. So, it was supposed to level the playing field, give people a chance to sound off. But they take some of the most important voices on the right, from Charlie Kirk on down, and they shelve them, important newspapers in the country like the New York Post and put them on ice. And then they want to take the President of the United States and say we just want to cut you off until Joe Biden can get out of his basement and accept the presidency officially.

And Steve, to your point earlier, if Joe Biden does melt down with the two full minutes to try to make sense of himself and his policies, I know exactly what most in the media will say. We saw a preview this weekend. So feel bad for him, he's a stutterer. When that is not even correct because Joe Biden may have been a stutterer but we are just comparing Joe Biden to 2008 and the Joe Biden in 2012. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz sees what's happening in social media, sees what's happening with big tech. Right before his eyes in realtime and said this. 


AINSLEY EARHARDT (HOST): We'll be watching. Last night at the rally the president did something he's never done before. He said you're about to see a Broadway play. He had huge TV screenings there and he played clips of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden saying that they were flip-flopping on fracking or that we hate fracking and we're going to ban it. And the crowd went wild cause that's never been done before. Also, to the stuttering point. We are grateful that he overcame that. He worked really hard. And we're all going to be watching that debate tomorrow. We'll give you the latest on -- if the debate's an hour and a half. So a lot of y'all are going to go to sleep. Maybe not, cause we're all excited to watch it. But we'll have all of the --

KILMEADE: But there's two separate issues. The Joe Biden in 2020 is different than the Joe Biden in 2008. No one's bringing up stuttering.