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Citation From the August 20, 2020, edition of BlazeTV's Louder with Crowder

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): Is this a new thing? Have they ever talked about Joe Biden's stutter? We got to look that up. I've never heard this before. And by the way, I still have yet to hear him stutter at all. I hear him say functionally retarded things. 


Let's see if in any of these archive footage videos if there's him stuttering. I've never seen him stutter. 


This guy was the vice president of the -- he ran for president, what, four times. You're talking about a guy whose campaign was riddled with scandal back in the 80s and was forced to shut down. And it never came out that he had a stutter until he walked out like he drank a bucket of salt water and did an interview with Cardi B and couldn't find his way? Like, really? This is what they're doing? The stutter? This is all this is. You know what? This is what happens when you have an old white guy who really, when you're whole campaign, your whole strategy at the DNC has been victimhood, has been victim status. Right? You need to have a victim card.