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Citation From the October 14, 2020, edition of Sinclair Broadcast Group's America This Week

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): The liberal media is constantly jumping up and down about President Trump not wearing a mask. And boy, were they upset when Trump said this:


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: One thing with me, the nice part. I went through it, now they say I’m immune. I can -- I feel so powerful. I’ll walk into that audience. I’ll walk in there, I’ll kiss everyone in that audience. 


BOLLING: Is the media really worried, or are they just against Trump? I suspect they’re genuinely worried about the message a maskless president is sending.

BOLLING: With all this emotion and infighting going on as we plot and plan to destroy the other side on the airwaves, on the sports courts, at the dinner table, we've lost sight of something way more important than who will occupy the White House for the next few years. We've lost track of what really matters: China is getting away with murder. 

Two hundred and fifteen thousand Americans have died and over a million have died worldwide. This week, a resurgence in cases has pushed us over 50,000 in a day again. We're so busy digging up dirt and sound bites that support our version of who's responsible, Trump or Biden, we've lost sight of the real perpetrators -- the Chinese communist government. Coronavirus has ripped America apart at the seams. This is from prom 2020, is that what this is? I mean, this was more like a scene from a horror flick than a real high school prom. 

Now, that's not Trump's fault. And closing down cities and economies and wearing your tube socks around your face hasn't slowed the virus down, and that's not Biden’s fault either. 

In fact, with the benefit of 10 month of data, it's damn near certain this virus has to have been altered in a Chinese lab. No way this is your routine “guy and girlfriend chow down on an uncooked bat turned into a virus.” COVID-19 is far too deadly and far too persistent to be a routine virus. No, this has to have been accelerated in a lab.