Hugh Hewitt reads New York Post story on Hunter Biden, compares it to New York Times story on Donald Trump’s taxes

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Citation From the October 14, 2020, edition of Salem Radio Network’s The Hugh Hewitt Show

HUGH HEWITT (HOST): I have to read you a New York Post story posted an hour ago, because it is a blockbuster. I do so with the qualification — I don't know if these are authentic emails that have been allegedly found on Hunter Biden's computer. I don't know. But the New York Times ran with bits and pieces of Donald Trump's tax returns, and I didn't know if they were legit — New York Times ran with them. So, I'm just going to read you this story.

The New York Post is a very fine newspaper. It is a tabloid, but it has a lot of great reporters, and an enormous number of great columnists.

Here's what it says, the headline is, “Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to vice president dad.” It's by Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge.

So, that is a blockbuster. Now, we have to be cautious. We don't know whether or not the man who gave the emails, allegedly from the Hunter Biden alleged computer, is a setup. We don't know if they're true. But the same thing could be done about the New York Times' bits and pieces of Trump tax returns that came out. And they ran with it. So I think every cable news channel that covered the tax question, and the tax returns story, should be covering this story today.