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Citation From the October 12, 2020, edition of Timcast IRL streamed on YouTube

ENRIQUE TARRIO (GUEST): The Proud Boys have never needed the president to either avow or disavow or denounce us. We've always been who we are, unapologetic about it. And I think that should not change my standing. It shouldn't change, like, how I feel about somebody or his policy. I didn't feel -- there's a lot of times where I disagreed with the president. I disagreed with the president on bump stocks, I disagreed with the president with the Dakota access pipeline, I disagreed with the president on numerous things. And just cause I disagree with him here, because I don't think he has all the facts or had all the facts when he said that, when he said that he denounced us, it doesn't change my support for, not only the president, but my values as a whole. 


So when the president said -- let's go back now, let's go back to the debate, the actual debate -- that the fact that we got mentioned at the first debate, for us was exciting. I was with my family, I'm watching TV, and they start talking about Portland and I'm like "no, no, he's not going to say it." I'm like at the edge of my seat. And then Biden was the one that said it. And we were excited, right? So I put a whole bunch of -- I put on my Parler posts, I went ahead and I put "standing by." And Biggs, as always, and he actually corrected that and cleared the record on what he said. And we had fun with it. It took a little while for me, for, like, the adrenaline to rush off, to really make -- for me to become objective and say, well this isn't the president -- this isn't an endorsement of the Proud Boys by the president. It wasn't. The president was asked a very pointed question. He was asked about militias, he was asked about white supremacy. And when Biden stuck his nose in and said "Proud Boys," the president said -- and he was actually answering part of Chris Wallace's question which was tell these groups to stand down -- I don't know why Chris Wallace thought that this guy is, like, the president of white supremacy and militias. But he was -- I think it was also part of a gaffe that the president had at the time, and he said "stand back, stand by." 

Now, I want to break that down. The stand back part -- stand back, like you said, and I agree with you. We should stand back and let the police do their job. Right? And we stood back many times. We stood back three days before that on Saturday. We stood back and we let cops do their jobs. We had a cool little barbeque. We had, like, fireworks, a big giant American flag. And then the more controversial part is the stand by. You know? And everybody was, like, oh what did he mean by stand by? 

TIM POOL (HOST): And the way he said it. "Stand back and stand by." 

TARRIO: Yeah, like we're some type of -- the media picked it up like we're some type of militia, or like we're waiting -- and they took it because he's, I guess they said that he refused to say if he would accept the election results, and they think that we're, like, a force that's ready to pounce right when that happens.