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Citation From the October 9, 2020, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show 

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): So the implication the media have drawn from this is that because these people were anti-government and wanted to start a civil war and were members of what would be probably termed a far-right militia, that they must've been Trump fans or that Trump instructed them to do all of this or something like that. Which is like Republicans claiming that the congressional baseball shooting is the responsibility of Bernie Sanders because a Bernie Sanders fan went and shot members of Congress and nearly killed Steve Scalise. But here's the thing. The right generally refrains from this. The left does not. The left tried to blame the Oklahoma City bombing on Rush Limbaugh. Now the left is attempting to blame this kidnapping plot on Donald Trump. 


So, this prompted Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to say that this was all Trump's fault. So, this is an incredible thing. It really is. I mean, it's like if Republicans had come out after the congressional baseball shooting and overtly blamed Bernie Sanders. No one did this. Only members of the left get away with this kind of crap. Implying that their political opponents are responsible for acts of violence of which they not only do not approve but, in this case, Trump's DOJ was intimately involved in the actual prosecution here. But here is Gretchen Whitmer -- it is pretty despicable to claim that your political opponents are responsible for acts of violence against you. Not the ones who are actually performing the violence, but people, broadly speaking, who oppose your lockdown policies. But that's exactly what Gretchen Whitmer does right here.