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Citation From the September 21, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

HARMEET DHILLON (LAWYERS FOR TRUMP NATIONAL CO-CHAIR): Well, absolutely, Justice Ginsburg was right then, I don't know what her dying words or wishes were, but they're not constitutionally relevant. With all due respect and I disagree with Rob, I think that this confirmation is going to be nastier. It already is.

And in the Kavanaugh situation, we didn't have mobs threatening violence in the streets over these issues. We didn't have picketing of the Senate Judiciary Committee's home to pressure him physically and loudly. And we did not have Senate packing. We did not have so many of the other threats that they're throwing at us.

I mean, the court packing is an FDR thuggery. It's a long time ago they've been saying that. So, I think this is going to be everything on the table. And I hope it's everything on the table from the Republican side to I say that as a Republican, because too many people on our side are talking about the rules of croquet when the other side is coming to this mobs and nunchucks and weapons.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Yes. Rob, I want to hit on that because I was spending time taking a walk down memory lane earlier today, watching the Bork hearings, because I was just you know, I was a young kid in Washington at the time and I was just transfixed by them back then. But he warned of exactly what's happening now. He warned of this type of chaos and they crucified him for it. I mean, they crucified Robert Bork. That was the beginning of a confirmation battle being turned into a political circus.

But the only thing we didn't have, and Harmeet is right, is a threat, a real threat of violence. I mean, they're preparing for civil unrest in Washington. They're preparing for it in New York and they're preparing for it in L.A. They are - authorities are preparing for it.

ROB LEIDER (PROFESSOR): I mean, I tend to think optimistically that we will have that kind of civil unrest, but I do think it's important to emphasize--

INGRAHAM: Where have you been all summer, Rob? Where have you been all summer? You see what's happening in the country, it's already happened.

LEIDER: I mean, no, there will definitely be protests and some of them will get out of hand. But I don't think, I don't think it will be quite to the level that some may fear. But what I do think is important to emphasize is that we are a country that is bitterly divided over what the rule of law means. And this is really the confirmation where it comes to the head.