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Citation From the August 27, 2020, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

CHRIS WALLACE (CO-HOST): I got to push back on something we said at the end of the last segment, because there seemed to be the implication that somehow vigilante justice was understandable or justified by the lack of sufficient police action and authority --


WALLACE: -- and presence in some of these cities. I've just got to say this. Just as it's completely a disconnect --

FRANCIS: That's not what was said.

WALLACE: Well, that would seem to be the implication that vigilantes filling --

FRANCIS: Go ahead and finish.

WALLACE: Let me finish.



WALLACE: While vigilantes were filling the void from police. Just as it's fair to say that rioting and looting is a completely inappropriate response to George Floyd or Jacob Blake, vigilante justice is a completely inappropriate response to the rioting in the street --

FRANCIS: Obviously.

WALLACE: There is no justification for what happened in Kenosha --

FRANCIS: Obviously.

WALLACE: And vigilante justice is a crime, and should be punished as a crime.

FRANCIS: Obviously.

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): We did not say that, and now we have said it --

PAVLICH: Nobody said that.

FRANCIS: But it's a shame that you misunderstood the opening to that segment there.

FAULKNER: We did not say that before -- please let me finish. We did not say that before and now we have.

WALLACE: You were saying it fill a void. I don't think that's right.

FAULKNER: The one thing that Melissa said was nobody is saying that that is the right thing to do, but to actually point out that it is in fact a crime is the nuance of what Chris Wallace is saying. And so I feel like we've had a complete conversation on that.