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Citation From the August 27, 2020, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

KATIE PAVLICH (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, in Portland, anarchists there have been engaging in attempted murder against federal and local law enforcement for months now. When you try to block doors where there are federal law enforcement agents inside, and try to light the place on fire, that is attempted murder. When it comes to how you stop this and why people are doing what they're doing, you're making a choice as a leader not to stop riots at the beginning. There are resources to help you do that. The Wisconsin governor rejected, according to the White House chief of staff, additional resources and National Guard before the most horrific night that we've seen this week in Kenosha. So this is a choice that leaders are making not to stop the violence initially. And I have to say, on the argument of vigilante justice, when you have no police around to defend businesses and people who are being attacked, and their livelihoods burned to the ground, then there is a void that is filled. And you have to ask yourself, when resources are offered at the beginning of when these riots break out, and rejected by Democratic leaders over and over again, you have to ask the question why. And this is a pattern of behavior not just now. You'll remember, in Baltimore a couple years ago, when the mayor said that she gave the, quote, "protesters room to destroy," and they completely went through the city and ruined everything. This is a pattern of behavior with Democratic leaders who are not capable of defending their cities and the people who live within them. 

MELISSA FRANCIS (CO-HOST): No, that's a great point. The vigilantes are just as much the fault of those local leaders who have failed so miserably. Great point.