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Citation From the August 5, 2020, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

CHARLIE HURT (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): There is a different between absentee voting and this mass voting by mail. Absentee. Anybody voted by absentee. I've done it, it is a rigorous process. There are all sorts of federal laws that you violate if you do anything wrong. There are signatures that are matched. There is very little room for discrepancy. Mass mailing ballots is a very, very dangerous situation. 


HURT: I don't think anybody wants to suppress legal, proper voting. They want to suppress illegal voting and ballots that aren't valid. When you have this ballot harvesting in places like California where there is no chain of custody. We don't know where the -- first of all we don't know that the ballot is out in the first place but we don't know who has handled the ballots from the point at which somebody checked the box to when they wind up in the post office. It is insane. This is not some crazy partisan issue. It shouldn't be. This is basic common sense.