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Citation From the July 7, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So kids should go to school, that's the new position. Now, you may have thought this was a debate that we settled conclusively in the 19th century when we banned 8-year-olds from working in factories and sent them to school. Parents are certainly onboard with that. They want their kids back in the classrooms in September, every poll shows that. Most kids and most teachers probably feel the same way. So, who is opposed to opening schools? Take a guess. The teachers unions. The teachers' union on every question is always the same. They would like less work, no accountability and much more pay. At least one chapter of the American Federation of Teachers is planning to go on strike if they have to work this fall. So many administrations and school districts have no choice but to obey their demands.
CARLSON: Coronavirus is not deadly to children. Sending children to school will not spread coronavirus. Keeping children home hurts children and hurts everyone else. Schools must open. It's that simple.
CARLSON: None of this is rational, all of this is hysteria, and of course it's political, too. America's teachers unions are some of the most stridently partisan organizations in our country. They're the biggest backers of the Democratic Party. This is an election year, they believe more chaos and more displacement will help them win. Maybe they're right, but it's sick. These are people who will destroy anything for more power, and unfortunately the season it means hurting our children.