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Citation From the July 7, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum 

TRACE GALLAGHER (GUEST ANCHOR): Talk to me about the schools opening. The president wants the schools to open. Mercedes, I mean, you know this is near and dear to your heart because you're the mother of five school-age children here. He is pressuring governors, there's a little bit of pushback. What do you think is going to push this across the finish line for you?

MERCEDES SCHLAPP (TRUMP SENIOR ADVISOR): Well, I have to tell you in the Schlapp household, there's seven votes in favor of opening up the schools, OK? Especially my vote. It's a big challenge for working families and single parents who have had to try to teach their children -- support their children during this difficult time of having the schools closed. We have seen, for examples, the American Association of Pediatrics saying we need to get these schools open, they need to have this classroom learning experience, it's vital for the mental health of these children. We've also seen Dr. [Anthony] Fauci come out and say that closing up the schools would have unintended negative consequences. It's very clear that the president, by using his bully pulpit, is able to share a message that I think most parents can agree on which is let's get these schools open safely, let's get parents back to work, and let's keep our economy growing.

GALLAGHER: And I've got about 15 seconds left, Mercedes. You are off tomorrow on a Women for Trump bus tour -- give us 10 seconds on what that is all about?

SCHLAPP: Yes. It's our big pink bus, it's a women for bus Trump tour. We will be visiting Milwaukee and Green Bay. We'll be meeting with women across the state and being able to talk about these critical issues about, for example, school choice. Something that Joe Biden does not support. He aligns himself with the teachers union. The president aligns with the parents and the children so they don't end up in failing schools. We're going to talk about how we want to ensure that we reopen the economy safely and ensure that we also make sure that the priority is of that of the health of all Americans in dealing with this coronavirus pandemic. And exposing Joe Biden's weak leadership. I'm happy we are going on this bus tour because he's too much being stuck in the basement.