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Citation From the July 7, 2020, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

MOLLIE HEMMINGWAY: This is something that should be handled should be handled regionally. The good news is children are far far less risk of problems from coronavirus than they are from the seasonal flu. We put children in school with seasonal flu all the time without even a thought about it. Children for some reason are at very low risk of coronavirus and are very low risk of transmitting the coronavirus. It's actually kind of criminal to ban children from school and it's absurd that so many people have been doing it given the low risk of getting coronavirus or transmitting it. It's also just like a cultural thing. You think back to previous pandemics. In 1918 we lost 675,000 Americans which would be the equivalent of close to 2 million Americans now. I don't think Woodrow Wilson, the president at that time, even mentioned the Spanish flu publicly. There's no record of it. We had pandemics in 1957 under Eisenhower in 1968, and we did not shut down schools. We did not shut down sports. We lost a lot of people in those, but there is something to be said for handling this, learning how to cope with this, and understanding where risks lie. Risks lie with older populations, particularly in nursing homes. Not with children in schools. It is absolutely important that we take care of our children and think through all the downsides of those knockdowns. Loneliness and boredom can kill. They can cause major problems and we are not a lot about those things given the low risk facing children.