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Citation From the June 21, 2020, edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday

CHRIS WALLACE (ANCHOR): President Trump says that one of the reasons that Biden is holed up in his basement is because he's not up to campaigning. Here was the president on that this week. 


WALLACE: Does the former vice president contribute to the president being able to make that argument by being out of public view so often?

SYMONE SANDERS (SENIOR BIDEN ADVISOR): This is just despicable, Chris, honestly it truly is. The fact that folks are parroting this unfounded, salacious lie from the president and his campaign that Vice President Biden isn't up to the challenge. He's absolutely up to it. Vice President Biden will tell you if he were sitting right here that he can't wait to see Donald Trump on the debate stag and he can't wait to campaign with him. I just find it interesting that folks continue to parrot these lines from the Trump campaign when it is Donald Trump who stood at the White House press podium and suggested Americans should ingest bleach to clear themselves out of the coronavirus.