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Citation From the June 22, 2020, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

KENNEDY (CO-HOST): The former vice president has hosted some virtual events amid the coronavirus pandemic but has not fielded questions from the national press corps, either in person or online, and that was extremely problematic for Hillary Clinton in 2016. And it led to the perception she had something to hide. Dagen, what do you think about this? Is it smart for Joe Biden to stay away from the national press corps so he doesn't have to take tough questions? 

DAGEN MCDOWELL (CO-HOST): He can't do it forever. But I like the bumper sticker, "Winning by cocooning." I love the narrative from Democrats that the vice president is setting such a good example of wellness and health safety, as the pandemic wanes that somehow that that is going to be great for his campaign. Hey listen I think in the Fox News poll wins those over the age of 65 by ten percentage points, but he can't keep this up forever. Again, eventually he's not going to be leading by example because most of us have to go to work to support our families and put food on the table by working, and that means going outside of the house. 

KENNEDY: Alright so Leslie, what can the vice president do to bolster his image with voters who -- there are very many of them, I know there aren't very many of them it certainly doesn't seem like it, but voters who might be on the fence. Is staying away from reporters really the best strategy, and would you advise this is what the vice president continue to do? 

LESLIE MARSHALL (CO-HOST): If I were to advise him, Kennedy, you look at what's happening right now and it's working. He is tied with the president in Arkansas, there are rumors that Georgia will flip blue, national polls here at Fox and other places show him between 10-14% ahead. I know everybody Melissa I know will say don't believe polls 2016 taught us something different regarding polls. Joe Biden isn't just leading by example, but I mentioned last week he has left his basement. He met with George Floyd's family, he was kneeling and talking with protesters, but he is taking questions from reporters, as Simone said, not just from local media, but from national media as well. I don't think he is intentionally trying to avoid the press. I think he is trying to do with the CDC is saying to do. But right now, what he is doing is working for him. 


KENNEDY: Very, very different. He should have run in 2016 when he was the better candidate then. Charlie, let me ask you. You can't keep the guy away from voters and reporters forever. He has to talk to the national press corps. He has to debate. But do you think his campaign will keep him try to shield him from doing both of those critical things? 

CHARLES HURT (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Actually, I agree with you, Leslie, it is a smart strategy right now and it is working. He can stay in his basement and he is going to probably do the best he will do during the entire campaign with that strategy. The problem is it won't work for the long term. Eventually he does have to come out of his bunker, he does have to stand up to Trump, he does have to go toe-to-toe. As we saw with the rally on Saturday night, this line from President Trump, pointing to the mayhem in the country and calling that Joe Biden's America, and saying that Joe Biden has been part of the problem for 47 years, that is devastating. I think -- obviously, we are going to have debates. When we see those debates and they go toe-to-toe, I think you are going to see a much different lay of the land in terms of polls and things like that, because the reason the Biden campaign wants to keep him out of the public eye is because he does say stupid things. He isn't the best on his feet right now. How he answers those questions from Trump, I think it could be devastating.