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Citation From the June 23, 2020, edition of The Ingraham Angle

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON (SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION): And we want a voice to say, wait a minute, this is anarchy, this is chaos. And Biden is so compromised because he's already selected his vice president candidate on terms of race and gender, and he's already glued himself to this base that he doesn't have free will to speak out.

And then maybe more controversially, and I kind of hesitate to say it, but when a person has a cognitive problem, the worst thing you can do is relocate in a basement and not have intellectual stimuli. I know that that was a strategy and it worked pretty well. But the news cycle is changing and it's accelerating at a geometric rate.


INGRAHAM: Yes. Rusty is a very kind way of describing it. He's hiding as a strategy. That's a campaign strategy. That's not an accident. They can't put him out there. They can't debate Trump. I don't think they will debate Trump. I think this whole thing is not going to happen in the debates. I'm going to say that tonight. I do not believe he'll ultimately - if he can do anything to avoid debating Trump, they're going to do it.